Dr. Keith Ablow’s
mental health reset

How Can Dr. Keith Ablow’s Mental Health
Reset Coaching Help Me?

Working with Keith Ablow, MD to relieve low mood, anxiety, grief, inability to concentrate, sleeplessness, low energy, impaired memory, addictive behaviors or many other problems will provide you with far more self-knowledge and with natural—not pharmaceutical—remedies to recapture your wellbeing.

This isn’t psychiatry. It isn’t a medical service. It is a more empathetic and healing exploration of your life story, your view of yourself and the stresses you face that can reset your mind toward optimism, self-esteem and happiness and set the stage for extraordinary personal empowerment. Dr. Ablow is also an expert at recommending holistic, natural supplements with powerful and proven effects that restore the mind’s equilibrium.

The truth is that most doctors have become far too dependent on prescribing medications, despite those medications potentially having severe side effects, including weight gain, sexual dysfunction, sleeplessness and suicidal thinking.

Psychiatry has its place, but psychiatrists too often reach for their prescription pads without even inquiring about the stresses their clients have faced and face today. Yet low mood, anxiety, sleeplessness, low energy and inability to concentrate often have their roots in painful chapters of a person’s life story—whether recent or in the more distant past. Understanding a client’s story is essential, and there may be no one in the world better at it than Dr. Keith Ablow.

A myriad of potential stresses can visit us in life, including financial reversals, divorce, physical violence, emotional abuse, traumatic events, bodily illnesses, family discord, and, of course, the Covid-19 pandemic. With Dr. Ablow’s help, these events need not permanently impair your mental health.

Dr. Ablow is a New York Times bestselling self-help author of 16 books, including Living the Truth and The Seven Wonders. He received his undergraduate degree in Neurosciences with highest honors from Brown University and graduated the Johns Hopkins School of Medicne. He served as The Washington Post columnist on psychology for a decade. He has helped a myriad of people all over the United States and around the world reset their minds and get back to living full lives. They include CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, billionaire entrepreneurs and investors, Pulitzer-prize winning writers, professional athletes, Presidential Cabinet members, journalists, scientists, lawyers, doctors and people from every walk of life, imaginable.

Keith Ablow can help you, too — in profound ways.

How Does Keith Ablow’s Mental Health Reset Coaching Work?

Dr. Ablow will meet with you weekly, 1:1 (unless more frequent or less frequent meetings seem wise and/or are desired). Meetings last an hour, at least initially. They may then be extended
or shortened, as you wish and as need be. He will also make himself available by text and email.

Keith understands that people regaining their mental health may need him at times they can’t predict. He strives to be available for additional meetings 24/7, with little or no notice.

During your meetings with Keith he will learn about you as a person—your way of thinking, your experiences in life now and in the past, your relationships, your hopes and your dreams. He will determine what forms of mental discomfort you are experiencing. And he will then be in a position to help you see yourself far more clearly and help you see a powerful way forward in life, as well.

When you are not working 1:1 with Keith, you will have access to a variety of tools he has created, including writings, work sheets and special exercises like VennSure and SelfStrong, designed to augment the work you are doing together and increase your momentum on your healing journey.

If you wish, Keith will also help you select one or more natural supplements or other remedies that can very significantly boost mood, decrease anxiety, increase concentration, improve sleep, increase energy or even increase memory.

As your mental health improves, Keith will continue to provide you with his insights, support, encouragement, motivation and advice on any additional holistic tools needed to speed your recovery.

The goal of Dr. Ablow’s Mental Health Reset Coaching is not only to get back to your prior level of health, but to surpass it and to become stronger, more effective and happier than ever before.

What Psychiatry Doesn’t Tell You

Today’s psychiatry leaves a lot to be desired. For one thing, most psychiatrists will meet with you for 15 minutes, once a month, and simply prescribe one or more medications (often on the very first—albeit longer—visit).

Most psychiatrists won’t explore the roots of your problems. They also won’t tell you that there are natural alternatives to psychiatric medications that have been proven equally effective and that don’t carry the potentially debilitating side effects that medications do.

Most psychiatrists also won’t tell you (and might not even know about) about simple, inexpensive devices that can help conquer depressed mood, anxiety, inattentiveness, irritability, sleeplessness and even dementia.

Achieve heartfelt goals, no matter how ambitious

Dr. Keith Ablow is dedicated to helping others build powerful lives.


Can I work with Dr. Ablow via Zoom or phone?

Absolutely. Whether you visit Dr. Ablow in person or use Zoom, Skype or the phone, you will receive his gold standard expertise and unparalleled focus, augmented by the opportunity to email and text him between sessions.

What if I already see a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner and take medications?

Whether you already see a psychiatrist or not, you can avail yourself of Dr. Ablow’s extraordinary ability to understand your life story, to activate your optimism and energy and to recommend cutting edge tools to triumph over the difficulties you face.

Does Dr. Ablow offer a retreat-like setting for more intensive, focused work with him?

Yes. Hiatus1, a cottage adjacent to Dr. Ablow’s offices in Newburyport, MA, is available to those who want to spend a dedicated weekend, week or month focusing with Keith on regaining their wellbeing or reaching new levels of energy, hope, motivation and happiness. Visit www.hiatus1.com for more information.

Does Dr. Ablow work with couples and families?

Absolutely.  Dr. Ablow routinely provides insights and advice on improving interpersonal dynamics and communication, for couples and families.  He has helped couples build more loving connections, has helped married couples avoid divorce, has counseled families through loss and has helped adolescents and teenagers express themselves as individuals while

What People Have to Say

Success Stories

Lisa Scott

Attorney, CEO/Founder

Working with Keith was extremely enlightening and productive. My business was going through a transition and re-brand, and Keith helped in many aspects. He made a point to genuinely understand my business and vision and provided perspectives I hadn’t thought of before. Keith is a great collaborator and very enjoyable to work with. He provided constructive feedback so that I could consider different approaches. The result was that my company’s rebrand was beyond successful. Keith’s work with me made my company better than it would have been without his inputs, edits and advice. I felt like nothing was off-limits, so if I had a crazy idea he would be the one to encourage and inspire me to further fine tune it. He is truly gifted in many ways and anyone would be fortunate to have him by their side through any personal issue or business endeavor.


Sandra Haas

Mother / Former Financial Executive

Keith worked with me and my family in finding some peace and purpose after the loss of my daughter. His extraordinary patience, caring and guidance kept us grounded and facilitated our engagement in projects to honor her legacy. I am eternally grateful.


Erin Cruz

Serial Entrepreneur

I had an incredible experience working with Keith Ablow. He made the process of our cross-country virtual appointment a seamless one each time, (pre-covid when less common); and his patience/tone made me feel completely at ease.


Christian Josi

Veteran Media & PR Consultant, Writer & Producer

For years now, Dr. Keith Ablow has deftly coached me through tragedy and triumph. His Pain-2-Power philosophy and method helps me to find, harness and maintain the sort of inner strength and peace that is essential to enduring success—both personal and professional. Whatever challenges you face, whatever pinnacles you want to reach, there is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Keith can be of invaluable help to you as well.


Britney Closon

Marketing Associate

Working with Keith has been an amazing, prolifically impactful experience—one that’s helped me define my goals (both in life and professionally), as well as the things that are holding me back (and how to work through them). Beyond sessions, he touches base with me daily to help hold me accountable in areas we’ve discussed, along with providing immense insight and feedback—essentially going above and beyond. I would definitely recommend working with him!


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