Dr. Keith Ablow’s
Relationship Rescue Program

How Can Dr. Keith Ablow’s Relationship Rescue Help Me?

Dr. Ablow has more than 30 years of experience getting to the bottom of what is negatively affecting your relationship—whether it be a marriage, a parent-child relationship, a romantic relationship or a business partnership.   He is an expert at defining the core dynamics and destructive patterns of emotion or behavior at the heart of discord between two people, promoting insight in both individuals (or a group, like a family) and then putting strategies in place to build a far stronger relationship.

Dr. Ablow has worked with couples and families across the country to resolve urgent or chronic problems with communication, understanding, conflicting values, financial stress, betrayal and painful issues of every imaginable variety.

Working with Dr. Ablow means tapping into his decades of experience practicing psychiatry, his work as a life coach, his training in pastoral counseling and his deep fund of knowledge of how relationships can go awry and can be rescued.

Keith Ablow can help you, too—in profound ways.

How Does Keith Ablow’s Relationship Rescue Actually Work?

Dr. Ablow will talk with you and anyone else you identify as an important participant in a relationship that is strained (or worse).  He will get to the bottom of how each participant’s past life experiences, recent experiences and experience of the relationship itself are contributing to the current problem.  He will then fashion, alongside you, strategies to understand and diminish the toxic elements of the relationship by promoting honesty, clarity, empathy and mutual respect.

Individual meetings and meetings between two parties or a group are all deployed, strategically.

When you are not working 1:1 with Keith, you will have access to a variety of tools he has created, including writings, work sheets and special exercises like VennSure and SelfStrong, designed to augment the work you are doing together and increase the momentum of your healing.

The goal of Dr. Ablow’s Relationship Recue Program is not just to save or salvage a relationship, but also to determine if the relationship should be resurrected.  Certainly, there are toxic connections that need not to continue—from business partnerships to romances.  Dr. Ablow can help you identify those relationships, too, and help provide the insight, support and strategy to end them, with as little ill-will as possible.

Dr. Ablow recognizes that relationship issues can be moments of crisis in a person’s life.  He makes himself readily available, with little notice, for advice and consultation, around the clock, 7 days a week, when needed.

Don’t give up on any relationship you want to maintain without working with Keith.  He has helped save or resurrect marriages, parent-child relationships, sibling relationships, romantic relationships, business partnerships and relationships of every kind, all over America and around the world.

What Psychiatry Doesn’t Tell You

Today’s psychiatry leaves a lot to be desired. For one thing, most psychiatrists will meet with you for 15 minutes, once a month, and simply prescribe one or more medications (often on the very first—albeit longer—visit).

Most psychiatrists won’t explore the roots of your problems. They also won’t tell you that there are natural alternatives to psychiatric medications that have been proven equally effective and that don’t carry the potentially debilitating side effects that medications do.

Most psychiatrists also won’t tell you (and might not even know about) about simple, inexpensive devices that can help conquer depressed mood, anxiety, inattentiveness, irritability, sleeplessness and even dementia.

Achieve heartfelt goals, no matter how ambitious

Dr. Keith Ablow is dedicated to helping others build powerful lives.


How do I (or we) start working with Keith?

Simply schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation by contacting us via [email protected]. Your consultation can be via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, telephone or in person.

Does Keith offer a plan to dive in and get a lot of work done, quickly?

Yes. Keith can tailor the pace and intensity of the work to your needs. Appointments can be weekly or even less frequently, but can also be several times per week. It all depends on your needs and timeline.

Does Keith offer a retreat-like setting for more intense, focused work with him?

Yes. Hiatus1, a cottage adjacent to Dr. Ablow’s offices in Newburyport, MA is available to couples, families or small management teams who want to spend a dedicated weekend or week focusing with Keith on restoring their relationships and building them. Visit www.hiatus1.com for more information.

What are some of the different relationship problems Keith has helped address?
  • Financial stresses
  • Infidelity
  • Differences of opinion on making very significant choices
  • Undue influence by others on the relationship
  • Lack of shared vision for the future
  • Boredom, lack of passion
  • Negative feelings about past choices
  • Navigating health challenges together
  • Navigating negative public perception/negative publicity
  • The impact of gambling, alcohol abuse and other issues on couples, families or business partnerships
  • Reuniting couples after breakup or divorce
  • Reuniting adult children with parents or siblings after periods of separation
  • Reinforcing boundaries with those who are not respecting them
  • Dealing with toxic partners, including those who are threatening harm

What People Have to Say

Success Stories

Lisa Scott

Attorney, CEO/Founder

Working with Keith was extremely enlightening and productive. My business was going through a transition and re-brand, and Keith helped in many aspects. He made a point to genuinely understand my business and vision and provided perspectives I hadn’t thought of before. Keith is a great collaborator and very enjoyable to work with. He provided constructive feedback so that I could consider different approaches. The result was that my company’s rebrand was beyond successful. Keith’s work with me made my company better than it would have been without his inputs, edits and advice. I felt like nothing was off-limits, so if I had a crazy idea he would be the one to encourage and inspire me to further fine tune it. He is truly gifted in many ways and anyone would be fortunate to have him by their side through any personal issue or business endeavor.


Sandra Haas

Mother / Former Financial Executive

Keith worked with me and my family in finding some peace and purpose after the loss of my daughter. His extraordinary patience, caring and guidance kept us grounded and facilitated our engagement in projects to honor her legacy. I am eternally grateful.


Christian Josi

Veteran Media & PR Consultant, Writer & Producer

For years now, Dr. Keith Ablow has deftly coached me through tragedy and triumph. His Pain-2-Power philosophy and method helps me to find, harness and maintain the sort of inner strength and peace that is essential to enduring success—both personal and professional. Whatever challenges you face, whatever pinnacles you want to reach, there is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Keith can be of invaluable help to you as well.


Erin Cruz

Serial Entrepreneur

I had an incredible experience working with Keith Ablow. He made the process of our cross-country virtual appointment a seamless one each time, (pre-covid when less common); and his patience/tone made me feel completely at ease.


Lilly Dragu


Pain to Power is an amazing platform! I’m proud to be part of that infinite well of potentiality. Thank you, Dr. Ablow.


Michael G




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